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Public because I am PISSED.

Comments off because I don't CARE.

I feel really dumb and taken advantage of. I just learned something that made me feel really ticked off, mostly at myself because I shouldn’t have been so damned gullible. You NEVER believe anything without checking in politics. NEVER.


His supporters have been either saying that flat-out (because I suspect they don’t really know their candidate) or have been content to let that erroneous belief stand because it serves their purpose.

I finally asked myself okay, what WAS his vote? I mean, I asked that TODAY. After MONTHS of hearing otherwise.

He wasn’t even a Senator at the time! He gave a SPEECH against the war. And the minute he was actually in the Senate and had to put his nards on the line, he fell in line like all the rest of them did. Voted to continue funding that stinking war four damned times. Voted to keep up with the Patriot Act, the whole works. Including that vote that ticked off so many people after the 06 elections; he toed the line just like the rest of them did. Bill Clinton was RIGHT -- this whole "Obama didn't vote for Iraq" thing IS a fairy tale.

There is absolutely no difference at all between him and Clinton on the Iraq war. NONE. Oh, he says he “would have” voted against it if he’d had the chance. Yeah, everyone says they “would have” hidden Jews in their attic, too -- but how many people actually did when the chips were down?

For a guy who “would have” voted against it if he’d had the chance, he sure rushed to fall in line once he was in the Senate. Doesn't give me any trust that his latest pretty speeches will be backed up with substance if he gets in this time.

Damn it. DAMN IT. I bought this the whole fucking time. DAMN IT. It's BS! The whole fucking thing!

Obama NEVER voted against the war, and the second he was in the Senate, he voted completely alongside Clinton. The minute he had to start triangulating just like her, he did it. The minute he had to risk his own neck, he fell in line, too. Damn it. God DAMN it.

Yeah, I should have checked earlier — but that just I’ll be picking over EVERYTHING with a fine-toothed comb from now on.

Barack Obama VOTED FOR THE IRAQ WAR every chance he got, and for the same reasons Clinton did. That dog don’t hunt anymore.

If you like him for other reasons, vote for him -- but don't even PRETEND that it's an anti-war vote. That's horseshit.
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Ditching LJ

Okay, so the major things I'm mulling right now:

1) Still having posting on the craft communities I'm on. I like the crochet, knitting, and origami communities, as well as the_niamh_elite.

2) Not losing touch with the couple of people I know almost exclusively on LJ who I really like, especially annajaneclare and paraxdisepink -- one of whom I've never met f2f and one of whom lives half a planet away and so seeing her f2f is a relatively rare occurrence. Mostly everyone else is someone I associate with meatspace or who lives near enough that I can see staying in touch.

3) Not having a space to post long, winding things to in Welsh (for the few times I do that; this LJ is a nice place to practice that).

It's interesting to me (and complex, and is happening for a variety of reasons) how 6A seems to have timed this so poorly. For a variety of reasons, the LJ thing is just dying out; there is always a lifespan to things, and when people who are sort of online early-adopters start clearing out (as more and more people are doing from LJ), it is a sign of things to come. It's often sold as "clearing out the wrong sort to make it sellable" or whatnot, but it isn't. It means the cool kids have found a new shiny thing and will be migrating over there very soon, or through rough play have rubbed the paint off of your shiny thing so it's not as shiny anymore. Cultural evolutions tend to go this way, not just of communities but of entire modes of interacting and even of other fads. If they had gone public with this, sold it, done whatever they wanted to, five years ago, it would have been entirely different, but they waited too long. It's deflating.

I think it came about because "blogging" is no longer the shiny thing. LJ was created to be the shiny cool blogging place when that was the new mode of interacting, but places like twitter and Facebook (and other very featureful social networking sites or sites that are investigating new strange things) have drawn people elsewhere. LJ's sort of turned into the middle-aged guy who pulls on the leather jacket he studded with rhinestones when he was a teenager and thinks it still makes him look cool.

They waited too long, people are dribbling away (especially people who are at ease with or depend on online interaction), and they took a number of hamhanded steps that were guaranteed to be seen as Middle-Aged Rhinestone Jacket Guy trying to act alpha. (There are also other social and political things going on outside of LJ that are affecting how people interact as well, and they're bleeding into LJ.)

Basically, you can't be Hip, Cool, and Happening (to attract hip, cool, edgy users) and still tell those noisy kids to keep it down and say please and thank you and stay off the lawn (to attract notoriously frumpy and conservative investors). And you can't do it five years too late, either.

Ymddiheuro am y Saesneg, ond does dim ffordd o gwbwl bod 'Nghymraeg i'n ddigon da i ddweud hynny. :-( Os dw i'n symud ymlaen i rywle arall arlein, fydda i'n postio amdano ma.
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/dd/ -> /v/

Dw i'n gwrando ar y raglen "CF99" ar y foment ar y safle S4C. Mae 'na rhywun o Blaid Lafur sy'n siarad mewn ffasiwn ddidorol iawn:

" ... blah blah blah gwasanaethau cyhoefus ... "

"Dw i fim yn gweld blah blah blah ... "

" ... blah blah blah bob dyf ... "

"blah blah blah newyfion drwg ... "

Yn ddidorol iawn. Mae o'n dod o'r De, dw i'n siwr (mae o'n dweud "deeshgwyl"). Dw i wedi'w glwyed o arlein ar YouTube ychydig tro. (Ga i ddweud "ychydig tro" fel na?)
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Adnodd ffantastig


Okay, mae ychydig o'rhaglenni ma yn naff (fel arfer, dw i ddim yn licio teledu -- chi eisiau gweld naff, chi eisiau gweld teledu americanaidd), ond mae lot o'r pethau yn neis iawn -- llawn o wybodaeth (mae "Datganoli" ac "Yn Y Doc" yn ardderchog), a mae'r cyflwynwyr yn dda iawn hefyd.

Dw i'n swil i ddweud mod i'n licio "Cwpwrdd Dillad." :-) Rhaglen felys, neis ydy hi, dim o "We're going to throw out ALL YOUR CLOTHES and start over!" wrth wneud sbort ohonoch. Dim ond, "Beth am y ffrog ma? Beth naethoch chi tra gwisgo hon?" Mae'n neis.

A mae'r rhaglenni'n well o lawer na'r damned podlediadau C2 yr o'n i'n gwrando arnyn nhw yn y car bob bore. "Beth am ben ôl J. Lo?!" "Ohhhh, yn well o lawer na phen ôl Beyonce!" Does gen i DDIM OTS.

Beth bynnag. Mae'r pethau yn ffantastig i ddysgwyr, a rwan dw i'n meddwl mod i'n gwybod yn well pwy di pwy yn y byd gwleidyddol Cymru na'r UDA. Does dim pwynt gwybod pwy di pwy yn yr UDA -- mwnci rhif un, mwnci rhif dau, ac ymlaen.
Llond ceg


Dw i'n edrych ar y raglen am ddatganoli y nes i lincio iddo. (Gyda chyflwynwr gyda'r acen sy'n for brydferth.)

Mae'n anodd i weld cenedl a naeth y dewis gywir pan oedd yn bwysig. Dw i'n gwybod yr oedd y peth yn agos. Ond, roedd y peth yn agos yma hefyd, yn 2000 -- yn agos ar yr ochr anghywir. A gwela'r canlyniad, dros y ddaear. Gwela'r farwolaeth, o fwy na phobol.

Naeth Cymru wneud y dewis cywir. Yn hollol cywir. Dim lliwiau o lwyd.
Llond ceg

Rhaglen sy'n ymwneud a datganoli


Yn ddidorol iawn -- pan mae'r cyflwynwr, Richard Wyn Jones, yn siarad ar ol y rhagymadrodd, mae o'n defnyddio acen y brydfertha yn y byd i mi. Dw i eisiau defnyddio'r un acen fy hun. Ei acen o ydy swn y Gymraeg berffaith i mi, berffaith dros ben. Modd cyfathrebu y prydfertha dros wyneb y ddaear i mi ydy'r acen ma, y prydfertha y dw i wedi'w glywed erioed.
Llond ceg

HOLY FREAKING SHIT. Apologies for the English. Oh, and the cursing.

I'm watching some stuff at S4C, the first Saturday broadcast of the Eisteddfod, and I just got about 90% of it without even trying.


I had to stop for a bit because I started getting a bit excited and started losing it, and I know I can't keep it up for long. It's amazing how much effort it is to remain effortless when you are just getting used to a new skill. But shit fucking howdy. I am boggled. I literally am amazed.

I know it's coming and going, and that just because I'm getting it almost like English at the moment doesn't mean it'll last, and I'll probably be back to my typical 50% tomorrow (unless it's the WE TALKING REAL SLOW LIKE FOR DUMB PEOPLE "Yr Wythnos"), but I am quite literally having trouble typing right now. I'm shivering a bit, possibly from adrenalin. It's probably that that's forcing me to stop the playback and lose it.

Plugging away, just continuing to do it even when there's no perceptible forward progress, is the key it seems. Not to expect it, to just trust that you have to keep going. And the thing that makes this even possible for someone as constitutionally allergic to patience as I is that trust has nothing to do with it. I just love it so much that I can't stop. I'm not listening to it because I want progress. I'm listening to it and working at it, reading it and watching it and pouring it into my ears, because I'm gorging myself on auditory pomegranate seeds and 75/25 special dark chocolate. You don't have to make yourself do that. At least I don't have to make myself do that. It's like practicing eating German chocolate cake or drinking good wine. You just fucking consume it. And it tastes so good and goes down so perfectly that you don't give two half-damns if there's no progress. Well, I do, but I still can't stop.

I'm afraid to start the playback up again now, that I'll suddenly get only a few words and be sputtering away back down at 50%. But I can at least trust that when I get up and go get some ice cream and then come back that I'll just plain old want to listen so badly that I'll hit play anyhow.

I can't imagine wanting to learn any other language on Earth more than this one. I can't imagine any spoken language more perfect. And I know that I still have a ways to go with it, mostly because I need to make posts like this in English still.

OMFG, I love this language.